Xnormal vs substance painter

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Klo Works polycounter lvl 5. Jan Hi, I now understand about the mikkt and you can work with one smoothing group or different smoothing depend on uv island etc JPG 45K. ZacD interpolator. Can you post the normal maps for each bake? It's better to not use one smoothing group, because even with a sync workflow, after compression you'll get more artifacts trying to use one smoothing group.

ZacD said:. Synced baking is perfectly fine provided the end result after compression looks good. The only way to know is to take it into an engine like UE4 and test it yourself. Bartalon polycounter lvl 8.

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If you have any 90 degree corners then they should be hard edged. This also means you will need to split your UVs at these areas and move them away from each other in UV space. Next, set each UV island to its own smoothing group.

Then watch xNormal bake a perfect normal map. Just to expand on what ZacD said: setting your entire mesh to a single smoothing group does not make your model any more efficient than setting each UV shell to its own smoothing group.

It actually makes it worse because any weird shading artifacts you see on your low poly will have to be baked straight into your normal map to compensate you can see this happening in your own screen shots. As explained in EQ's post, this may look decent up close at mip 0, but the flaws are still apparent and will get even worse as you get further away or when you down-res the textures on export. If you're using a cage then there's really no reason not to set all your UV islands to their own smoothing group.

It's not a mandatory "rule", but it's going to eliminate a lot of headache in the long run.Normal maps can be improved greatly by learning the implementation details. To eliminate seams and shading artifacts, the game engine and the normal map baking tool should use the same tangent basis. For more information about a synched workflow see the Polycount Forum thread You're making me hard.

Making sense of hard edges, uvs, normal maps and vertex counts. When you export a model from your baking tool, it is best to choose a format like FBX which can store the tangents.


This insures the same tangents which were used for baking, will be used for rendering. This allows a synced workflow with various tools. Normal maps can be made in either of two basic flavors: tangent-space or object-space. World-space is basically the same as object-space, except it requires the model to remain in its original orientation, neither rotating nor deforming, so it's almost never used.

Predominantly-blue colors. Object can rotate and deform. Good for deforming meshes, like characters, animals, flags, etc. Rainbow colors. Objects can rotate, but usually shouldn't be deformed, unless the shader has been modified to support deformation. Object-space is also called local-space or model-space.

Normal maps can be converted between object space and tangent space, in order to use them with different blending tools and shaders, which require one type or the other. Object space maps can also be converted to maps with different tangent bases, to better match the normal maps with the renderer and thus avoid lighting errors. Joe "EarthQuake" Wilson said: "[8Monkey Labs has] a tool that lets you load up your reference mesh and object space map.

Then load up your tangent normals, and adjust some sliders for things like tile and amount.

xnormal vs substance painter

We need to load up a mesh to know how to correctly orient the tangent normals or else things will come out upside down or reverse etc. It mostly works, but it tends to "bend" the resulting normals, so you gotta split the mesh up into some smoothing groups before you run it, and then I usually will just composite this "combo" texture over my orig map in Photoshop. Shaders can use different techniques to render tangent-space normal maps, but the normal map directions are usually consistent within a game.

Usually the red channel of a tangent-space normal map stores the X axis pointing the normals predominantly leftwards or rightwardsthe green channel stores the Y axis pointing the normals predominantly upwards or downwardsand the blue channel stores the Z axis pointing the normals outwards away from the surface.

If you see lighting coming from the wrong angle when you're looking at your normal-mapped model, and the model is using a tangent-space normal map, the normal map shader might be expecting the red or green channel or both to point in the opposite direction. To fix this either change the shader, or simply invert the appropriate color channels in an image editor, so that the black pixels become white and the white pixels become black.

Some shaders expect the color channels to be swapped or re-arranged to work with a particular compression format.Toggle navigation Polycount. Author: Zey. Jul So I was going to use Substance Designer to bake my meshes but I noticed right away that something was off about the bake. So I decided to test out my theory that SD's bakes were sub-par. The goal is to have a cage-less workflow.

This elimates 3Dsmax right away. So we are left with Xnormal and Substance Designer.

Excel shape behind cells

This image is the result: I figured this could be useful to some so I thought I would post. Long story short, don't use Substance Designer to bake your meshes using Raycast. I recommend using Xnormal and supersample your map at twice the resolution and scale down. Let me know if you find it useful or if I should fix anything.

NicolasW polycounter lvl 8. Hi, Thanks for the test! Could you send us your asset so we can fix the potential problems on our side? Bruno Afonseca Polycount Sponsor. Thanks for testing this out mate!

I did notice some artifacts on my bakes but they were quite minor. Hope this helps them improving the baker. Substance Designer uses an averaged normal calcuation when ray casting. I meant why is it important for you to avoid cages? Cage exporting can be a 1-click operation with a simple script. Baking within max itself it can be annoying to manually reset the cage options every time you alter the mesh, but that can also be automated. Also, this comparison will only make sense if you bake down to a flat plane.

Anything more complex, and the comparisons completely fall apart as you're using all sorts of different tangent spaces here. You're probably already aware of this, just mentioning it to be certain. EarthQuake mod. Hey Quack, with Toolbag 2.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam.

xnormal vs substance painter

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Ronnie42 View Profile View Posts. I'm trying to understand Normal maps,I'm well confused. Firstly as far as I can gather I need a Low, High poly model and possible a 'cage' map which is basically an enlarged low poly model.

Anyway I've tried this, not having much luck. I notice that the normal seems to have inverted 'normals maps' or just seems to ignore some of the normal maps all together also my normals are fine on the model itself. So from what I can understand is I've been told that Perspective views make it easier to see where normals should show up but can't help think there's much to it than that since not having much luck.


I've tried simple things like crates so I could experiment and it would mostly ignore the high poly material, I've made sure that the obj exports are set to selection only to avoid accidentially selecting the wrong objects. Anyway I normally focus on 3d modelling but thought give normal mapping a go. Showing 1 - 4 of 4 comments.

Hi, I found this tough at first too. I always do my baking in Substance Painter 2 rather than in Blender, I never did get on with doing this using Blender I have heard Xnormal is good too and something that is maybe worth you having a look at.

Normal map – Substance Painter, xNormal, 3Ds Max, Maya & Turtle

The reason why your normal map seems inverted is probably due to it being in the wrong format. They are exact opposites of each other and can be converted from one to the other. In Substance Painter I can pick which format I want when exporting. I think you might be able to invert it in Blender with the right node set up, Xnormal would probably have an option for this too.

Another bit of advice for getting clean normal maps, triangulate your low poly mesh and set the entire mesh to smooth shading before baking. This tends to avoid another issue with how different software deals with quads that can also affect mess up normal maps!

I never use cages in Substance painter, it uses a face normal average to avoid the need for cages, though they can be used if ever needed. I don't know if Xnormal uses this method or not? Last edited by Mr Chappy ; 19 Feb, am.Tangent space, Object space leh World space tih vel chu post hmasa lamah a awm ang.

Chuan file save na tur kan thlang a nga, kan thil siam tur a zir in texture size kan thlang leh dawn nia, mobile game tur a nih chuan ang te, tunlai AAA game hi chu 2K-4K a ni tlangpui, movie vel erawh 4K-8K te a ni.

Как запекать карты в xNormal

Chuan Antialising a awm leh a, hei hi chu kan picture tlang sir tih smooth na a nimai. Substance painter a kan bake dawn chuan new file kan siam a nga chuan kan low poly model kan import tel a nga.

Texture settings ah Bake Mesh Maps ah kan lut leh dawn nia. Dilation width hi chu xNormal edge padding nen a in ang a ni. Chuan kan high poly model kan import leh a nga.

Match ah always, Match hi chu kan high poly leh low poly cage a in match a dahna a ni mai, duh chuan a cuztomize theih bawk a, kan cage siam chawp a import theih bawk. Mesh suffix chu kan file hming a ni leh mai. Chuan bake tawp a nimai…violaaaa.

xnormal vs substance painter

Chuan Add ah khian kan map bake duh kan select a nga, kan output folder tur nen, chuan in kan map size kan thlang leh a nga Render tih click tawp a ni tawh mai. Maya ah pawh texture baking hi chu a awl lutuk, kan target map ah low poly, chuan source ah kan high poly, normal icon kan click a nga chuan Bake tawp a nimai.

Maya te 3ds Max ah te awlsam te in theih tho mahse ka hman duh vak loh na chu 10 million poly vel bake dawn in viewport a crash duh lutuk a, RAM sang deuh hlek hman loh phei chuan a buaithlak duh hle.

Substance painter leh xNormal ah hi chuan problem a awm khat khawp mai a, poly sang tak tak a handle zo tlat bik a ni. Maya emaw 3Ds max ah ti dawn ila load ngaihna awm lo hrim hrim :. Texture baking nan leh render nan a hman theih a ni. Default in a in load lo a nih chuan plugin manager ah enable a ngai a nimai. Kan high leh low poly kan import a nga chuan turtle render setup ah kan hawng a nga.

Render type ah Baking kan thlang a nga chuan baking tab ah lut leh in target ah low poly, source ah high poly kan add leh nga. Chuan shader output ah Normal map kan thlang a nga render leh tawp a nimai. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

xnormal vs substance painter

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.Posts Latest Activity. Page of 2. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 template Next. Those suits seem to do same things, I personally lean toward Substance suite as I found quixel slow and buggy. Anyone any thoughts on which one of them is better? My main interest is in making great looking textures and good normal maps. Thank you. Tags: None. It's painfully slow, but it also gives most options, and highest quality results.

For creating textures, I would choose Substance. Painter if I need more unique details, designer when I need to mass produce textures assets, from presets and possibly tweak in engine.

Work in Progress. You can use it in whatever way you wish. Comment Post Cancel. I've been using both for a while, and I'd give the biscuit to Substance over Quixel any day. Quixel has lots of really intuitive features, but the fact of the matter is it's buggy as sin. This isn't just my experience either, everybody in the studio that's used it has cursed it's name with the force of suns at least a few times this year.

It's a great toolset if you want fast results, and if it doesn't crash. I also find that 3DO doesn't give you a decent preview of how things will actually look in game.

Substance is more difficult to use and could do with some more features, but ultimately more rewarding because it's virtually limitless in terms of what you can create. Quixel is still pretty limited by it's pre-set materials system, which you can modify and create ones of your own, but it's just not an intuitive process.

I've found that it's materials are just the same sort of generic things you'll find in any game.


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